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This flip has taken 12 months. 12 MONTHS! And it’s still not finished. But we’re proud of it.

We bought this colonial brick house without seeing the inside first. We knew it would be bad. And it was. But it had a solid foundation, and that’s all we needed. We brought it back to life with 3 main goals in mind.

1. Bring out the good features it already had going for it. This beautiful brick wall was covered up. We exposed brick in areas throughout the home to show off its natural charm.

2. Instead of trying to do a patch job on the existing dry wall to cover up the bad shape it was in, we started fresh. New dry wall throughout.

3. We took out walls that were not benefiting the floor plan. Then we added new walls to build positive features, like additional bathrooms and closets.

I love metaphors. And I see them a lot throughout the process of flipping a house. These 3 goals for our project have become life lessons for me over these last 12 months. They help me, so I hope they can give you some perspective too.

1. (Hidden brick walls) Embrace the positive things about yourself and the positive things you have in your life. Focus your attention on them.

2. (New dry wall) Don’t cover up the flaws and insecurities inside, instead dig deep to understand them, and rebuild new, stronger than before.

3. (Tearing down walls/building new walls) Walls are boundaries. Don’t put boundaries on your potential. The sky is the limit. Be open to new possibilities. However, healthy boundaries are necessary in life and in relationships.

These are all things I strive for in my life. Baby steps. Sometimes it’s one step forward and three steps backwards. But we are all a work in progress.✨

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