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Landscaping is KEY when it comes to curb appeal! 🔑 🌳🌳 Check out this exterior transformation. We are constantly giving our clients simple things they can do to make their exterior pop. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to freshen it up for spring, we’ve got you covered. Below are 5 EASY ways to improve your home’s curb appeal with out breaking the bank.



1. If you have an easy spring clean up in your yard then DIY! But if it’s a bit overwhelming, their is no shame in hiring an expert help.

2. Update exterior lights. Swap out the gold and brass lights for modern black or silver light fixtures.

3. Get a big statement flower pot on your front porch. Fill it with colorful flowers that attract the eye.

4. Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door. A pop of color gives your home a fresh look. I love this red door!

5. Update your address numbers to something more trendy. Or just give them a fresh coat of paint so they stand out.

Comment below any tips you have to add. And let me know which tips you’re going to try this year!

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