John PowellReal Estate Agent

John’s  enthusiasm is contagious! He has a knack for seeing the big picture of his client’s goals and he knows what needs done to accomplish their goals.  John’s understanding of the economic trends of the real estate market is very important in this ever changing industry. He knows how to leverage the market conditions to his client’s advantage for the best possible results. 

John is an expert in marketing. He has a  Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from The Ohio  State University, as well as 25 years of management and marketing experience. John will always go the extra mile to make sure his client’s home is properly marketed to its full potential! Technology has always been a top priority for him. As times change, John always keeps up with the latest and greatest forms for marketing. Whether it’s video, photo editing, drone photography, snail mail, or an advertisement in the paper, John knows the target market for your home and exactly how to reach them. He plays a vital role in this team!