Sonja CoutureReal Estate Agent

Sonja is an essential member of the Powell Buehler Group, bringing adaptability and forward-thinking to every client interaction. With her exceptional communication skills, Sonja establishes clear expectations and guides her buyers and sellers through the real estate process with ease, making it both fun and exciting.

Sonja is also experienced in working with investors and understands the unique needs and requirements of this client base. She has a keen eye for identifying potential investment opportunities and knows how to maximize the return on investment for her clients. She is an incredibly talented individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

As our team’s head stager, she’s resourceful when it comes to staging a home and has a talent for transforming even the most outdated and dull spaces into stunning, modern showpieces that appeal to a wide range of buyers. She collaborates closely with our agents to ensure that each property we list is presented in the best possible light, maximizing its appeal. Her expertise and leadership in this area have made a significant impact on our clients’ success. With Sonja on our team, we are confident in our ability to provide all of our clients with exceptional service and results.