Craig BuehlerReal Estate Agent

Craig brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Powell Buehler Group, with a background in financial advising and a Master’s Degree in Financial Economics. He stays up-to-date with the latest market trends and his unique perspective on the market and pricing for homes, allows him to provide exceptional service to his clients.

Craig’s passion for real estate is evident in everything he does. He has a specialty in luxury real estate and is committed to listening to his clients and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. His innovative ideas, extensive experience as a negotiator, and his ability to think creatively make him an asset to any transaction.

Beyond his work as a real estate agent, Craig is also a successful real estate investor, building his own rental portfolio and working on flipping houses. He also gives back to his community through his involvement in the Westerville Rotary Club.

Craig’s dedication to his clients, combined with his knowledge and experience, make him an exceptional agent and a valuable member of the Powell Buehler Group.