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Time to Sell?

At The Powell Buehler Group, we pride ourselves in our individualized customer service when it comes to selling your home. We are a family and we work together utilizing each other’s strengths to provide the best results for you and your family. 

We are a FULL-SERVICE OPERATION. This is our full-time focus and that’s because we’re PASSIONATE about it. It is our mission to create a business that will last for generations to come by providing the BEST customer service we possibly can. Check out our proven strategy below. 

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Here’s how we will sell your HOME:

  1. PRICE STRATEGY is key to making you the most money possible. Leave it to us to walk you through our plan on pricing your home. 

  2. We spend extra time and detail on helping you get your home READY FOR THE MARKET. Whether it’s changing a wall color, rearranging a room for its best look, or finding you someone to make a repair. We’re with you every step of the way. 

  3. Next comes PROFESSIONAL PICTURES of your home that capitalize on its strengths, while still keeping in line with reality.  

  4. These pictures are essential to our MARKETING PLAN for your home. Our marketing goes above and beyond. We leverage every social media outlet and high traffic website to expose your home to the market place in its best possible light.   

  5. We won’t leave any money on the table when negotiating the sale of your home. After all, we have over 25 years of EXPERIENCE when it comes to negotiating for our clients. 

  6. Most importantly our team knows that a deal can DIE IN THE DETAILS of a transaction, which is why we closely monitor all of the moving parts to bring you to the closing table. If an ISSUE arises along the way you can count on us to act FAST and EFFICIENT to resolve it. 

  7. Home Sold. Happy Clients. Happy Team.