5 simple tips for creating a PICTURE COLLAGE wall |The Powell Buehler Group

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After buying and returning several pieces of artwork we finally got this wall decorated!

Do you have a large blank wall in your home that you can’t seem to find the perfect art work for that would be big enough to fill the space and not to mention affordable?! Try a picture collage for the win! 🥳

1️⃣ Pick a color palette.

2️⃣ Find pictures of different sizes. Small, medium, and large work well! Various frame colors are nice too but not a must.

3️⃣ You want a mixture of picture styles. A few that are similar and some that you wouldn’t think to put together but they match your color palette.

4️⃣ Use your floor to construct your wall layout. This part takes a lot of trial and error. Focus on a section at a time. Each section you want to have a similar weight to it so when you put them all together it feels balanced. (We did 3 sections of 3) Spread out your similar pictures so they aren’t all in one section.

5️⃣ MEASURE. When hanging make sure to measure how far apart the artwork is on the floor and repeat that on the wall.

That’s it! I love this look because it’s easy, it fills a big space, and it’s affordable. 🙌 Let us know if you have a picture collage in your home or plan to in the future! Any tips you have learned would be great too.👇👇

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