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Whenever we sit down with a new client our first goal is to educate them on buying a home. Because there are a lot of factors that go into deciding if it’s the right time for YOU to buy. One thing that is important to our team is that you know what you’re getting into before you make that very big decision.

We want you to know the up front costs along with the costs of maintaining a home. And costs don’t just mean money. When you’re a homeowner you spend TIME up keeping your house…. mowing the lawn, painting the walls, fixing things that break over time. That’s all apart of home ownership. It’s a lifestyle change.

We’ve put together 3 questions to help you determine one of the biggest finical decisions In. Your. Life.

1. Do I have enough money saved for a downpayment along with some additional cash needed to furnish and maintain a home?

2. How much is my monthly living expenses now? Could I buy a home that fits my needs and stays within a comfortable monthly budget?

3. Am I at a point in my life where I know the location I want to live in for the next 3+ years?

Do you want more information about questions 1 & 2? Let us know! We’re happy to do a post explaining the costs that go into buying property.

We hope this gave you some insightful info to consider. It’s Monday and we have a week full of client meetings, contract writing, and negotiations ahead of us. 🤓 Let’s do this!

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