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It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a home. This is the transformation of our old family room. It had dark wood trim and yellow walls. This is how we changed it:

  1. Gray paint on the walls
  2. White paint on the wood work
  3. We took the grids out of the windows
  4. Updated the window treatments

THAT’S ALL FOLKS! The little things go a long way. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the things you want to do to your home I highly suggest starting simple with a new coat of paint. Here are some of my favorite paint colors. They’re all by sherwin Williams.

🖤Mindful Gray- This is the color on the walls in the after pictures.

🖤Agreeable Gray

🖤Grayish- This is in our current home, it’s a very light gray.

🖤Alabaster White- This is the color of the woodwork in the pictures. It’s perfect if you want a white that’s not super sterile but still very clean.

These are most of my favorite GRAY colors. Clearly I love gray. It just goes with everything. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But beige is also coming back! Let me know if you need some ideas for other neutral paint colors or share the knowledge and comment below your favorite paint colors.

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