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This is the before and after that started it all. This house is why I’m so passionate about homeownership. I bought it in 2016 for my single self. It’s a traditional 1,850 sqft, built in 1976, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home. And it has a great story behind it.




The previous owners raised a family in this house and lived their for over 30 years. When I bought it it still had all of the original fixtures with the addition of a morning room added off the kitchen, and of course wall paper. The woodwork was dark, the walls were yellow, and the carpet was blue. That’s what made it so great. To the untrained eye cosmetically it was too much. But to me it was just enough. Watching this house transform was like magic. I loved every single trip to Home Depot, every planning session, and every paint picking nightmare. It was a beautiful mess.

Here’s what was done in the kitchen to get the most bang for my buck:

▫️Painted all wood work and cabinets white

▫️Painted walls

▫️Added new hardware to the cabinets

▫️Added a backsplash (This is less expensive than you think!)

▫️New appliances

▫️Changed out the doors on the pantry from by fold doors to normal 6 panel doors

▫️Pushed a small section of the kitchen wall back so the refrigerator could slide back and open up the space

▫️Hung the microwave above the stove (taking out a cabinet but adding an exposed shelf)



Looking back, I’m so thankful I took the leap to buy this house when I did.

If you’re currently renting I highly recommend talking to a mortgage lender to see if you’re pre-qualified to buy a home. If anything, it will set you up to be educated for your future home purchase. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like the name of a recommended lender.

And let me know if you’re thinking about sprucing up a space in your home to add value! Or if you’d love to buy a fixer upper and be apart of it’s transformation. ✨

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