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FLIP UPDATE! We’re getting close to the finish line. This is what I like to call “GO TIME” because the project now requires a lot of attention and time.

The dirty work is done and now all of the nitty-gritty decisions are being made. This is also the point where any type of problem or mistake you made in the planning stage will reveal itself. (So stay tuned for when that happens😆) Is the kitchen going to actually fit where you designed it to go? That’s always a big question.



This kitchen👆gave us a run for our money.

Especially this wall. We inadvertently covered up the kitchen light switches behind the refrigerator so that we could fit the cabinets on each side of the stove. It turned out fine but did cost us some extra time and money to move the switch.

We’ve finally learned with this 3rd flip to expect these tiny disasters throughout the whole process and our life will be much calmer.

Have a plan, follow it the best you can, but always leave room for detours, and usually more than one. And now guess what?! In this new kitchen we know exactly where each outlet and light switch will fit. Here’s how the kitchen turned out!



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