Buying a home SIGHT UNSEEN!!! | FaceBook Live | The REAL Reveal

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Ok so Craig Buehler and I went out on the limb & bought an investment property SIGHT UNSEEN. Meaning we paid in full for this home before even stepping on to the property. Like Craig always says….”You gotta risk it to get the biscuit” . I really want to document our first reaction and thoughts. So to make it as authentic as possible we did a FACEBOOK LIVE of seeing the home for the first time. It isn’t pretty but here you go! (Side note…not sure they the audio is off at the end but it’s still worth a watch so I had to upload it) We will be flipping this home soon and documenting it for all of you. Subscribe if you’d like to see the transformation! If you are interested in learning more come find us on Facebook at The Powell Buehler Group. Or follow me on the gram — SamanthaRae26.

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